How can we safely travel alone?

Chatting with a lady in a coffee shop one day she told me that her husband had died and she was afraid to travel alone.  What a pity! On my travels I started talking with lone travellers about their experiences.

L’Amitie Tours, small group tours for women who love to travel seems to be a safe environment to “go it alone” and explore European destinations. Check it out at

King’s bus tours seem to be a popular choice for the single traveller I noted when on a tour with them, They provide the opportunity to explore in a closed environment and provide an opportunity to get to know other travellers.

Travel Masters advertise a Ladies Only Exclusive South African Surprise. Interesting! Maybe they have one for men only as well. I recently met a lovely lady from this company who organises a lot os singles travel. You might like to contact her by email. Check it out at

Any ideas you can share?

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