How to expand your employment options

Pathways to new careers are created through participation in the volunteer experience. Helping others and gaining new experiences helps develop new skills that might be a gateway to the workforce.

Skill strengthening should appear on your resume. Personal development, self-fulfilment, confidence and esteem will be improved through the participation in volunteering.

Communication skills and the ability to work with others, a willingness to take directions and take a lead will be added to your resume.

Your dedication, time management, prioritization, honesty and hard work will shine through. Meeting new people and creating new connections are part of your commitment to making a difference through volunteering.

Volunteering has a positive effect on the community and the lives of individuals, but it may also help you make a difference in your life. Employers share the notion that volunteering engenders additions to your skill set.

Opportunities to test out a new career path may be available in the volunteering experience through accredited training options.


Check some of the volunteering sites before you set out and be sure to check the Rights & Responsibilities for the volunteer.

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