Why should you make a will?

A will is a legal document that sets out how you want the things you own distributed when you die. It is not just for the wealthy, but a positive step to provide for the people you care about, family, friends or charities.

Making a will is not just for older people. Tomorrow is not a promise. Young people, between ages 18 – 34 without a will should know that everything will go to their parents. If you leave no will when you are older the “intestacy rules” will be applied to your estate. Depending on the size of your family your estate may go to the government.

Making a will is simple. Do-it-yourself kits are available from Post Offices, Newsagents and on-line. But it is recommended that you seek professional advice if your affairs are in any way complicated. Accuracy of the will document helps avoid disputes after your death. Person or Persons appointed by you (Executor/s) should have a copy or should know where a copy can be located when required.

Procrastination and an unwillingness to accept the inevitability of death often stops people from preparing a will. Having no will can cause much stress and angst at what is already an emotional time.

Put will preparation at the top of your to-do list.

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