What’s your category, Senior or Super Adult?

Terms used to classify groups of people are slow to change. Media is the key to changes. When we determine our choice of category we need to use it more so it catches on. What is your choice? Senior or Super Adult?

During the twentieth century retirees were often described as old and looking for the quiet life. Come the twenty first century changes appeared. Retirees leaving full time employment were focused on living busy active lives for as long as possible. These retirees wanted to be taken seriously and treated with respect.

A new category emerged in England – Super Adults and has now spread to America. It doesn’t appear to be commonly used in Australia. Retirees are still categorised as “seniors”.

Those claiming the new category of Super Adult believe it sounds a lot more dynamic and full of opportunities. Super Adults have during their lives, undergone huge changes, experienced ups and downs and learnt much from both good and bad experiences. They have gained wisdom in their ageing. Having traded youth and beauty for experience and wisdom they see their achievements as worthy of respect.

I suspect that many Seniors lay claim to similar experiences as the Super Adult. Which category is most likely to impact society? What attitudes might be changed?

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