Enhance your connections with Social Media.

Advances in Social Media have perhaps been a lot too fast and embraced too many options to be able to keep abreast. But it can enhance your retirement and keep you connected with the community in many ways. Here is a quick overview of what is available so you can think about which option might suit you best.

Facebook helps you find old and new friends, keep in touch with family and find interesting articles. You can be involved with computer, tablet or smart phone. Instagram is mainly for sharing photos and videos and best used with a smart phone. Pinterest shares and saves images so you can create visual scrapbooks and follow others’ scrapbooks. Twitter is for very short messages. You can follow news services and celebrities and send quick messages to morning news programs to express you opinion. Best done with the smart phone. Linkedin is primarily a business networking platform where you can create you own profile and can remain connected with old work colleagues. Maintaining you profile could lead to employment options. Easier on a computer or tablet. Messenger can be likened to emails or text messages. But more popular with the younger generation. Computer or tablet are probably easier.

Look formidable? Best taken one step at a time. Having been anti-social media for many years I recently tried Facebook and found it relatively easy to learn and now love exploring my options. I love the connection and the news that comes my way. Messenger came along with Facebook and that too is relatively easy.

You may have experiences that you could share.


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