How can OPAN help you?

When your need for care escalates, it is a good idea to be sure of your rights. Older Persons Advocacy Network is a national voice that advocates for older men and women. OPAN is made up of nine states and territory services. The organisations work closely together to provide nationally consistent advocacy, information and education all over Australia.

It supports consumers and potential consumers of Commonwealth funded aged care to understand and exercise their rights.

OPAN is creating digital communication channels, like television and videos in aged care facilities. The program is to ensure the rights of older people continue to be linked to aged care reforms.

Free calls are available on 1800 700 700 between 9.30am and 4.30pm weekdays. You might also check it out on this link

Have you used this service?            What was your experience?

What are your chances?

A report from the United States suggests that older workers (retirees) are making a comeback. Larger companies are beginning to look for experienced workers who want to return to work. Valuable experience and skills are available for less salary than current job holders.

Opinion is divided. Companies should be looking for character and training skills, which is where older workers might win out. But older workers are still seen as a threat due to years of experience, offering honest advice that nobody wants to hear.

In Australia, there is a Human Rights and Age Discrimination Commissioner, Dr Kay Petersen. What is she achieving to help older people to be employed? Check out this link to see

Want to share your travel with others?

We have talked about private armchair travel and group armchair travel. More options are available, this one may appeal.

Share travel


Get together photos, brochures and souvenirs in an orderly manner and check out retirement and nursing homes. Some of them will welcome you. You may only share with one person or a small group. Possibly this is an option for you to make a positive difference in your life and someone else’s life.


It would be interesting to hear where and how your sharing works out.

How will you embrace your life expectancy?

Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates that life expectancy for both men and women has increased by more than 30 years in the last century. What can we do to ensure these extra years will be filled with the joy of living? Perhaps we need to take steps to ensure we can move forward and embrace the role of the Super Adult.

Food for thought that may inspire is to explore Marlene Rutherford’s website and blog. Acknowledging the wisdom and greatness of age is the first step to becoming aware of the possibilities that might be open to us for the extra years we have been given.

Check out    – an interesting website with blog attached. You might like to join one of her weekend retreats.


How can we get more folk to be Tech Savvy?

Content and posts on a BLOG site are for all Super Adults and Seniors. Unfortunately it is only available to the “tech savvy” elders. This is the same for much of the information available to older folk today.

Perhaps those of us who are “tech savvy” could embark on a crusade to help more people appreciate the possibilities of exploiting smart phones, tablets & laptops. There are options for those who do not own a tech device to acquire them at reasonable prices. (Contact Ageing? Muse with me? if you would like some direction.)

Choices of where and how to learn are widening. Ace Community College deliver FREE Tech Savvy courses for those over 60. Tuition covers PC and Apple devices. But unfortunately this is only available in northern New South Wales and the Gold Coast Queensland.

Do you know someone with little or no tech skills. Could you help them on their way to keep in touch with friends and family more easily and explore the world with technology. Could this be a new “best friend” for someone you know to stay connected.

Share any free options you might know about please.