Why you should write your life story.

Taking time to write about our lives allows others to know us thus creating connections, strengthening relationships and building bonds. Our current network of friends and family thinks of us only in our current role. It may surprise them to learn that we are actually multi-faceted people. Knowing how we became the person we are today, who we were and what events shaped can strengthen family and friendship bonds.

Benefits abound for you the writer. When our life experiences are organised, healing can take place, our emotions become healthier and our intellect is stimulated. We might leave behind a permanent legacy in the form of a printed memoir, or perhaps just a reminder for ourselves of what we have accomplished in our lives. It is rather sad when someone passes away leaving no footprints in the sands of time.

Many group options are available and there are lots of examples of memoir writing available. It is interesting to note that these memoirs also serve as commentaries on the social history of the time. These links will take you to two examples of published memoirs that are very different in content. Both interesting and easy to read.







2 thoughts on “Why you should write your life story.

  1. I enjoyed reading your book so far , was dissapointed when I couldn’t go further I got up to marbles on narru.
    But the book had me intreaged.

    Thank you Joy


  2. Glad you enjoyed it. You can buy it from Amazon if you would like to. Go to their web site and type in the name of the book and the author and the details will be there for you. Are you going to write your story Joy?


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