Travelling with other Armchair Travellers

Participating in a group can broaden your travel horizons. With like-minded travellers, you are presented with new destinations and better options for travel experiences.

I have joined a group within the context of U3A. We take turns to present one of our travel experiences. Photos, brochures, pamphlets and other collectable are used to enhance our stories. On occasion, more than one person has travelled to the same destination and this can enhance the presentation.

Travel group

Additionally, we share tips that can benefit our travel experience. Exchange of contact details for exceptional guides, least tiring route to take, unique accommodation and lesser known side trips that should not be missed are all considered.

U3A, Seniors Groups, local Library and Travel Agents are possible places to locate a group. There are many ways that a group can function.

Can’t find a group? Start your own.

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