How can we get more folk to be Tech Savvy?

Content and posts on a BLOG site are for all Super Adults and Seniors. Unfortunately it is only available to the “tech savvy” elders. This is the same for much of the information available to older folk today.

Perhaps those of us who are “tech savvy” could embark on a crusade to help more people appreciate the possibilities of exploiting smart phones, tablets & laptops. There are options for those who do not own a tech device to acquire them at reasonable prices. (Contact Ageing? Muse with me? if you would like some direction.)

Choices of where and how to learn are widening. Ace Community College deliver FREE Tech Savvy courses for those over 60. Tuition covers PC and Apple devices. But unfortunately this is only available in northern New South Wales and the Gold Coast Queensland.

Do you know someone with little or no tech skills. Could you help them on their way to keep in touch with friends and family more easily and explore the world with technology. Could this be a new “best friend” for someone you know to stay connected.

Share any free options you might know about please.

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