Why do we forget things?

Our brains are crammed with information. Consider the amount of detail that we accurately remember every day. So why do we find ourselves forgetting things?

Sometimes we just don’t bother to store information because we become distracted by other things. Multitasking, switching from one thing to another and constant interruptions make it difficult to remember. Our focus may not be on what is happening now and the information is not stored.

Our memories are selective and we remember what we want to remember. Usually we focus on good memories and try to avoid the not so good.

Brains hold detailed representation of multitudes of things and we can’t always retrieve information when we want. Have you had moments when you couldn’t remember and suddenly when we are quieter, it pops up?

But the really good news is we can improve our memory. There are many simple strategies that we can employ to exercise and prompt our memory. Watch out for further posts. Please add the strategies you use to ensure you remember.

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