How can we improve our memory?

Busy working mothers need to be organized, or so I found when I was a working wife and mother. Every facet of life required a lot of “remembering”. I think this was when I I became a list maker and I am still a “list” disciple. But there are many other options that help us remember.

  1. Focus on whatever is being said or happening to be sure you understand. Try not to be distracted.
  2. Visualize to create a mental picture of what is being said or done.
  3. Repeat things back to the speaker to ensure you have heard and understand – an excellent tactic with little children.
  4. When you meet someone for the first time be sure to repeat their name as many times as you can during the conversation.
  5. Stop “multi-tasking” but if you must be sure to use lists that ae detailed and comprehensive. Remember to cross things off your list. It feels good to know you are achieving.
  6. Use “memory prompts”. Changing the linen tomorrow? Put the clean linen out the night before. Need to take a parcel to the post tomorrow? Put it near the exit door the night before.
  7. Use a calendar, on the wall, on your smart phone or computer. Digital calendars allow you to set up prompts so today you can get a prompt about what appointments or tasks you need to do tomorrow.

Weekly Planner

I am sure there are many more ideas out there that work for you, so please share.

There are also activities and exercises for our brains that will keep them in good condition. Maybe we can check them out later.

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