Who is the Muse?

Elaine Lorna entered the world in January 1938. First born and only surviving child of four daughters, all of whom died at birth. In hindsight I see a rich healthy childhood nurtured in a small rural community. Venturing forth with small but well guided steps I received an extended secondary education which ultimately led to tertiary education. Marriage, 59 years now, to a man whose spirit of adventure matched my own. Two wonderful children, a girl and a boy. Bright, happy and participated with their parents in a fortunate and modest life. Together we embarked on a journey that continues today with two fantastic grandsons added to the clan.

Education and experiences enabled me to embark on three different careers. Each career contributing to who I am today. But I believe that I made major contributions to each field in which I worked. Each enabled me to develop a lifestyle that enriched my living and better cope with my ageing. I am an avid researcher, receptive to new ideas that can be adapted and encompassed into my life.

I would like to share my experiences with you, hear about your experiences and so enrich all our lives.

Elaine, dinner Eiffel Tower 2017